The biggest buzz this season is you can now soak in a tub full of cannabinoids. Of course, the therapeutic advantages are immense when it combines with the all potent essential oil of lavender. In short, you will have to forget all those refreshing showers in your homes. And introduce yourself to CBD oil-infused bath bombs.

Don’t worry you are not going to fly like a kite as they won’t have the psychoactive THC in them. The other best thing is that these bath bombs are absolutely legal.
Having said that, it will be unfair on our part, if we try to influence your shower taking habit, without actually telling why.
So here we present some miraculous health benefits of lavender infused CBD bath bombs.

Health Benefits of Lavender infused CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs
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We all have heard about lavender infused syrups, beverages and tea. But do you know lavender present in your CBD bath bomb can also make a great health-promoting combo?
You may find an array of advantages when you include lavender CBD bath bomb in your lifestyle.

Anti-anxiety, relaxing and help you sleep better

CBD Bath Bombs
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The soothing fragrance of lavender has been found to be helpful in improving sleep quality. Once you have lavender infused bath it combines with the anti-anxiety properties offered by CBD. This makes a great combo for your stress-relief objectives.

Skin care benefits(Wrinkle, Sunburn, Acne)

CBD Bath Bombs
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When under the scorching sun or due to aging your skin gets damaged. CBD bath bomb with vitamin A, C and E can soothe the irritated area by the antioxidant properties of CBD.
The antioxidant CBD helps reduce the damage caused by “free radicals” harming the skin. Also, your internal endocannabinoid receptors come for the rescue in that case. And when you have the bath, CBD enters through your skin pores in different damaged parts and interact with them to amplify the effect of endocannabinoids. This is how it helps combat wrinkles and other skin problems like sunburn.
Lavender helps reduce acne through its antibacterial properties. It also hydrates and reduces excessive oil formation.

Pain reducing advantages

CBD Bath Bombs
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Muscle pain is very common these days. You can blame your lifestyle, your eating habits for it or any other cause. But, CBD infused bath bombs can be a great way to reduce your pain associated with joints, legs, and hands.
Why? CBD is a great anti-inflammatory agent too. Its use is effective in all types of pain ranging from chronic pains, muscle pain, and backaches.
So the moment you feel that demanding physical labor has distressed your muscles skip shower go for lavender CBD bath bomb.


Helps treat respiratory issues

CBD Bath Bombs
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Lavender Oil infused CBD bath bombs can give you relief in breathing disorders. Some of them are cold, flu, cough and sinus. Try warm lavender CBD bath bombs when you need a break from your difficult throat.

Conclusion On CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs have so many healing advantages. The biggest onus is the great combo with a fragrant essential oil gives you the best of both of the worlds – Cannabinoids and essential oils.
We are sure you would skip your showers at least 2 to 3 times a week to reap the miraculous health benefits of this nature’s gift.

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