Driven to bring about a marked change ThoughtCloud provides support through its foundation that creates resources in people’s lives and make a world of difference. Believing in the power of philanthropy to create a difference now and for future generations, ThoughtCloud has created ThoughtCloud Foundation Scholarships and Hardship Assistance Programs. Through such initiatives, they fulfill their goal of mustering more people together to build a better community.
ThoughtCloud collaborates to bring the right people on board and are aware of their shared responsibility in making the world a worthwhile place. This they achieve through ThoughtCloud Foundation Scholarships and Hardship Assistance Programs.

Thoughtcloud Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship has been devised by ThoughtCloud foundation for the Orange County veterans who have joined a community college within Orange County. The pioneer behind initiating this scholarship is Leo Pena, alumni of Irvine Valley College and transfer student of the University of California Davis. You have to apply during their scholarship period and comply with the flyer which can be obtained from the veterans resource center within your particular college.
You can enroll online through their given scholarship form

Making such gracious contribution through ThoughtCloud scholarship, the eco-conscious and pure CBD manufacturing company ThoughtCloud are helping the academic journey of current student veterans. A blessing in disguise such financial rewards relieves the economic weight from the shoulders of veteran transfer students as well. Finishing school with financial stability has helped to change the lives of needy students who have to worry about various “what if” situations in their lives. For these veterans, receiving ThoughtCloud Scholarship is a badge of honor and it also helps in evading the costs resulting from university tuitions. Such scholarship opens up various avenues of securing an internship with various community serving organizations to bring fellow citizens together.

You can also hear the stories of the veteran scholarship awardees from the link given.

Hardship Assistance Program

With firm faith in making the planet, a better place thought clouds Hardship Program serves to contribute through plant healing by producing natural CBD products that serve to improve the everyday life problems of health sufferers. This charitable objective has made ThoughtCloud a unique CBD manufacturing company and a true visionary by

showing that they really care for the customers who are using their products for various ailments. It is indeed a rare gesture from ThoughtCloud that through their Hardship Program the customers are receiving extra discounts on CBD products and also collecting free CBD bottles for the entire household.

ThoughtCloud extends it’s helping hand towards you as you fill up a simple online application with an instant response from the organization to assist you in your difficulties. The hardship stories of health sufferers whose world have changed due to the Hardship Assistance Programs are hereby compiled for you.

An Altruistic Foundation Committed Towards Humanity

The ThoughtCloud foundation was built with an intent to connect communities across the world to help them lead a more fulfilling life. This was the charitable theme behind the various assistance program launched by ThoughtCloud to reach out those in need. A brainchild of Leo Pena, a holistic medical practitioner, Thoughtcloud creates the purest CBD on earth which is infused with Reiki vibrations which makes it a one of a kind product that brings a transformational change in you’re well being and overall health. It takes pride in bestowing it’s valuable customers an innovative product range that is organic, lab-tested and sourced from hemp plants reared in Colorado farms.

Raising the bar in their manufacturing practices by remaining 100% vegan from the plant to the seed and finally the finished products, ThoughtCloud has reflected its reverence for the planet.
As an industry leader in creating eccentric CBD products with their first full spectrum bath bombs and ozonated series of creams and CBD ointments, ThoughtCloud can sit back and proudly boast that “ We provide the best customer product and service of any CBD retailer on the planet!”

A Product Laboratory That Invents And Innovates

The vast assortment of products by ThoughtCloud from premium organic CBD oils to full spectrum CBD in cold-pressed hemp oils and CBD isolates of variant potencies make it an experimental lab of sorts. Their ingenious pain and sleep formula of high blend CBN, high CBG allergy and inflammation formula in coconut oil, signature series of CBD oil in three different strengths, the isolate vape bundle with multiple flavors and even full spectrum products for pets makes them a market leader and a global CBD player with the best benchmark of customer policy.

The brand is genuinely a leader when you are on the lookout for the best flavored and tasting CBD oil that can be orally consumed and also vaped. Top-grade ingredients and organic hemp extracts from ThoughtCloud deliver both the energy as well as health-giving performance all day through.

Their sheer range of skin products from beauty mask, facial serum, beauty bars, full spectrum beauty bundle and the world’s only ozonated CBD topical are all top notch products.
Where do you get a great customer-centric policy than at ThoughtCloud with their offer of 30-day money back guarantee?
Besides, ThoughtCloud is dedicated commitment to give back to the community it’s due can be seen from the causes they vehemently support through their scholarships, hardship assistance and donations to cancer sufferers, children’s hospitals, animal shelter, and other needy persons. All this goes to make them an unparalleled organization in their share of social responsibility.

Final Thoughts On ThoughtCloud Foundation

What more selling points you need from a company that never compromises on it’s pure CBD products, is quality conscious and have won customer accolades for its effectiveness, superior quality, and consistency. Surely, ThoughtCloud has become the best brand that stands out on every count, whether in product range or for social responsibility and strengthening communities.

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